Personalized Funeral Services

By: John Oliver
Wednesday, September 1, 2021

At Oliver Funeral Home, we are her to help provide a meaningful, personalized funeral service for your loved one. Planning a funeral will seem overwhelming at first, however we are here to help in every aspect of the funeral service. Whether you pick a full-traditional service or a celebration of life, we have enclosed some ideas for your loved one’s final tribute.


Here are some examples:

Choose songs that meant something to your loved one

Consider live music

If you have family members willing to sing, ask them

Photos - We offer slideshows to be played during the service

Bring photo books

Invite guests to write down memories

Display photos, mementos, or items associated with a hobby, such as golf or quilting

Ask everyone to wear your loved one’s favorite color

We can include religious symbols of the person’s faith

Include a set aside time for people to share a special memory

Personalized books, cards and folders


These are just some of the ideas we have. Please share with us any suggestions or ideas that you may have.



John Oliver

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